Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A cricket and a firefly

I was bringing Mallory to preschool today and I had a true "blog moment". Mallory was sitting quietly enjoying her crackers and the ride to preschool (rarely happens where the girl is quiet so I was enjoying the moment).

Now I am sure some of you remember the cricket (or fricket) video from last spring, since then there hasn't been much talk about crickets in our house, until today.
Mallory said to me, "Mommy crickets and fireflies only come out at night."
"You are right," I said (hoping that I was right...).
Then she said "Fireflies use their butt lights to light up the city at night."
Swallowing my laughter, thinking in my head that this just turned from an ordinary conversation into a blog moment, I said to her "They do light up at night."
"Mmm hmmm," she said nodding and then said, "Kailan (the girl on TV who teaches her Chinese) used the fireflies to light up her lanterns and make the town bright."

And as quick as it started the conversation was over, just like that. I wish this age lasted forever.

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