Sunday, March 22, 2009

A big HUGE thank you!!

Mallory and I each had fantastic weekends and for most of it, we weren't even together :)

A big huge thanks to Justin for extending the offer of taking Mallory to the zoo while Kristen and I enjoyed pedicures. The man set us up an appointment and then offered to take my 3 year old to the zoo while we were pampered. Sorry single ladies, he is happily married... When I told Mallory the plan for the day she happily exclaimed "I LOVE JUSTIN!!!" She was in heaven and didn't even wave goodbye when I left them at the zoo.

What girl doesn't need a boyfriend to take her the zoo in the morning and then is lucky enough to spend the afternoon and night with her grandma and grandpa? Another big huge THANKS to Debbie and Terry who took Mallory yesterday afternoon until Sunday morning so I could do absolutely nothing. That's right. I had no plans. I came home, put my cute feet up, and watched a movie. Then this morning I woke up, cleaned a bit, enjoyed a quiet breakfast and then went and met Debbie to pick up Mallory.

I feel refreshed :) Mallory was wiped out from a day and a half of non-stop action so she asked to go down for an early nap and was out cold in minutes.

We have a big week ahead of us! The ultrasound is on Thursday!!! Keep your fingers crossed for a healthy baby and that BabyTwo shows us what we want to see :)


Cullen, Jen and Avery said...

Hi Kristie!
Yea for a fun weekend! I will be crossing my fingers for you for a healthy, cooperative baby #2! I just have to say that your blog posts just crack me up and I really enjoy reading them!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie-
I just wanted to say congrats on a fantabulous weekend. I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am. No one understands the true beauty and happiness of "nothing" like a mother, especially a pregnant one!
We are seriously gearing up for the big start to potty training. The other day I was talking with Eva's daycare provider about it, telling her that I was terrified. I turned to Eva and asked her if she is terrified. To which she matter-a-factly replied, "No. I'm not terrified; I'm terri-two. I'm 2, mom." Like, duh, I’m not five, aren’t you supposed to know that? I love this age. (for the most part)
I look forward to Thursday’s update!