Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mallory!!!

My little girl is three. Three! Wow. I think most parents will say that the birthday of their child proves to be a day of reminiscing. Mallory's "birth" day is as fresh as the day she was born. I find myself looking at the clock and thinking "what was happening 3 years ago right now..." For most of the day I laid in bed experiencing some fine feeling contractions, pushed for what seemed like days, and then at 5:33 pm our world was forever changed. As if you guys don't read about how fun, sweet and funny she is on a daily basis, this day allows to me brag once again.

I don't think a day goes by where Brent and I don't acknowledge in one way or another how truly we lucky we are to be Mallory's parents. The three of us have figured out what it means to be a family, what it takes to raise an infant, survive with a toddler and now we will see what the trek of having a "preschooler" will entail. I have heard from several that 3 year olds have a whole new level of patience testing up their willful little sleeves. We will see. Either way, I cannot wait to see who she becomes over the next 12 months. A big sister she will be in August, becoming our "oldest", a big word for me to swallow. Its ok though, because a mother is always allowed to call her children her babies--just not in front of their friends.

Her party was yesterday. We celebrated Mallory style with all of her favorite things. Her favorite foods--Macaroni and Cheese, grapes, and cake of course (that is what was on Mallory's plate the rest of us had a much bigger selection of tasty food). Her favorite people--her family of course!! The Jovles made a special stop later in the day to wish her Happy Birthday as well. Her favorite colors-the cake was made with blue polka-dots on special request from Mallory and all of the guests wore blue-her favorite color. Mallory wore a dress with elephants--her favorite animal with a blue shirt underneath. It was a great day--thanks to everyone who made it so much fun!!

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Lexie said...

Happy Birthday Mallory! I hope you had a very special day! Believe me, I know all to well how fast time goes! IT is really sad actually!