Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, I guess its a snow-woman

Mallory went outside with her grandpa and played in the snow today. Before long they were busy making a snowman. My dad working tirelessly at rolling the big balls for the parts of the snowman. Mallory was running around gathering sticks and wood chips for the different body parts. Once the snowman balls were positioned they began packing snow in between the balls to hold it into place. I watched from inside and Mallory looked like she was having a blast. They added sticks for the eyes, nose, mouth and then for the arms. They completed it with a bucket hat.

They came inside and Mallory made sure to tell me all about their adventures outside including the walk in the forest and the big snowman they built.

We ate lunch and when were done Mallory headed off to play in her playroom with Grandma. As my dad and I were cleaning up he said to me "While Mallory was helping me pack the snow on the snowman could she have told me she was putting a vagina on the snowman?" I guess she said, "I am going to put a bagina on the snowman." My dad asked "A what??" (not thinking he heard her right) "A bagina!" she repeated back.

We had a good laugh and concluded that the snowman wasn't a man after all. Oh well at least she knows the correct anatomical terms for herself...Just another reason why I love this age.

Here is the snow woman--do you see any baginas???

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Lexie said...

Oh my gosh! I haven't read your blog for a while, and I am sitting here laughing hysterically! oh my! Your mallory is so darn funny!!!