Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A month without diapers

What does a month without diapers really feel like? Take a peek at the good, the bad and the not so sanitary.

A month without diapers means...

We have been lucky enough to see the restroom of almost every single public building we have stepped foot in. My are there some interesting toilets out there!

Mallory has successfully gotten rid of the little training potty and only uses the normal size toilet

Brent has gotten to experience what it really feels like to shelter his daughter from other men as he attempts the public restroom world with his little girl.

One successful "port-a-potty" trip. Thankful I was not present to help.

Cheering after every. single. success.

Elated that I can count the number of accidents on one hand. Way to go!

Constipation. I need not another word.

Realizing that the world will not end when things in the bathroom are touched that you believe shouldn't be. A preschooler is curious, especially about all the interesting gadgets in the bathroom. Blech.

Shoving modesty out the window as your 2.5 year old yells, in the library, I WENT POTTYYYY!!! Now I get a book!!!!

We have saved $25 in NOT buying a box of diapers. We have also avoided almost all of the commercial products that are said to be "needed" when potty training.

The words "roll up your sleeves before you wash" and "in between and on the backs, rub them together"--when referring to hand washing, roll of out of my mouth like I have been saying them for a lifetime.

The insane amount of patience I have gained over the past month. 'Nuf said.


Anne said...

way to go Mal! You and Brent are doing great too! Keep it up:)

Amanda Jean said...

Yay Eids!

(um...the word verification below this is und bare...strikes me as ironic.)

Milo said...

That is a really nice milestone. Getting our daughter off of diapers was a bit easier than our son. We still have to put a pullup on him at night.


My daughter is almost 8, so she can go into the public bathroom by herself now. But that is uncomfortable trying to shield her from areas that she shouldn't be looking...