Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween throughout the years...

This first one is from college. This goes down as Brent's "Best Costume" (in his mind). He was a shower. I would beg to differ as the girl friend who went as a "sexy cat". By the end of the night I was so mad at all the girls who decided they would go into the shower with my boyfriend and close the curtain. I am pretty sure that my alcohol level had nothing to do with how angry I got. Any former roomies reading this and remembering this night? Fun memories :)

First year as a married couple, Halloween 2003. Brent and I dressed up as rival cheerleaders. Brent looked amazingly scary as a girl and it was fun to pick girly fights all night with him.

Yup we sure are some of those people. Before we had Mallory we dressed up our dog. She hated it and I am pretty sure I thought she was cute. Here she is as a devil. This is, however, the only costume I have for her. But I think I might have a pair of boots packed away some place just in case it gets really cold and her feet get chilled. Whatever. Judge away...

Halloween 2004. Here we are as Raggedy Ann and Andy. Fun party where the host and hostess were in the exact same couples costume.

Along comes Halloween 2006--Monkey Mallory

Halloween 2007 Mallory is a Bunny. This was her first try at trick or treating. She had no idea they were actually going to put something in her bucket.

And now Halloween 2008. She decided what she wanted to be this year. She sure does love elephants. And really, doesn't she make one of the cutest elephants??


Milo said...

cute pictures

Aaron Mathison said...

That's it, I'm sending this post to Jay Leno, he hates it when people dress up their cat or dog (and the people that sell that stuff).

Kristen said...

fun memories!!

Wow. said...

I'll have you know that I took Hughie OUT of his sweatshirt to put him into his bumble bee costume, and I'll also have you know that he wears boots AND a snowsuit which covers ALL 4 legs in winter.

But seriously, the costume thing is because I'm a freak but the rest is necessary. He won't step outside most days already without his sweatshirt on...and he won't go in the snow without his boots and snowsuit---he lays on the ground and squeals if you put him out there without it. It's sad and traumatic for both of us.

But his sweatshirt is from South Dakota and it's a pale blue hoodie and makes him look metro. Haha!

I was Raggedy Ann in 2004 as well---go figure!

Mallory is so adorable in all 3 costumes!