Sunday, August 31, 2008


We went camping with a group of friends this weekend in Taylors Falls. We wanted to stay away from the "parking lot" style of camping where the sites are on top of each other but with a place that still had running water (it may not be POTABLE but it still runs). Well we found Camp Waub-O-Jeeg (which is the name of an Indian fighter named White Fisher if anyone cares)--definitely not parking lot camping. Lots of trees, sand, long walks to the bathrooms--romantic though that may seem got a little old by the end of the weekend... The Jovle's, Park's, and Lindners came along. We had a good time enjoying camp food, relaxing in front of the fire, and laughing about funny stupid stuff.

We went canoeing down the St. Croix River on Saturday. The weather was nice, but I am sure everyone who was with will agree, we wish the wind was at our backs helping us down the river, but we made it. Two canoes with 6 people meant that 1 person in each canoe got to sit and enjoy the ride while the others paddled away.

We played some ladder ball. Brent tried to distract us by pulling down his pants. I was excited. Jenny was mortified.

The food around the campfire was one of the best parts. Greg made an egg scramble for breakfast, we had pudgy pies for dinner (pizza) and dessert (fruit), smores, hot dogs, brats, potatoes, and lots more. It was so good!!

I can also safely assume (at least the ladies anyways) were very happy to be heading home. There is nothing like a weekend away from the comforts of home to make you truly appreciate the 15 carpeted feet away your toilet is--especially in the middle of the night. It was a great weekend...its great to be home as well!

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