Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Sunday Hero

We went to watch Kristen race in the St. Paul Inline Marathon this morning. What an accomplishment for all of those racers! Amazing. We had fun cheering the racers on and then got to congratulate Kristen in person after it was all done. Mallory gave her a token of heroism (our first cucumber from the garden)--I think Kristen liked it!

Kristen--way to go! I hope you had a relaxing rest of the day. You deserve it!


Anne said...

Kristie - it was nice to see you at the race. Mallory is even cuter in person! Way to go K & Natalie! They did great!

Kristen said...

LOVED the cuc. It was so tasty and just what I was craving when I got home. Thanks so much for the cheers!