Monday, August 12, 2013

The long awaited 4th Birthday

You woke up the day before your birthday and asked me this, “Is today, tomorrow?” You were so anxious for the big day you waited and counted down the days until it finally arrived.  You woke up on August 6th, stumbled out of your bedroom with a mop of red hair covering your eyes and said “Am I four today?”  I finally got to say “Happy Birthday Baby, you are four!”

Mallory and I started your morning off with a candle in a stack of pancakes with a few shakes of sprinkles.  We sang Happy Birthday and you beamed.

    P1150295     P1150296

When Mallory’s camp was done and we were ready to start our day. We headed off to the light rail to take a train ride to Minnehaha falls where we walked down to see the waterfall and rented a Surrey bike to take in the sites.  You and Mallory loved the front row view—and your Dad and I were only mildly exhausted from peddling the big bike around the entire park.

      P1150298     P1150302 

        P1150307     P1150312


When we had enough of the park we headed back to the train, took it back to our car, and drove to our next stop-Bittersweet Bakery.  You had your pick of the bakery as their specialty is gluten free foods.  You picked out a chocolate cupcake with green frosting.  You talk a big game-and after about 5 bites you proclaimed you were done. This stop was a highlight of mine. Not only did I get to pick out a delicious treat to devour, but seeing your nose up against the glass able to choose just about anything you wanted to eat made my heart happy. 

When we got home-it was finally time to open presents!  You were very excited to open a panda bear family (this because you want to be a panda bear when you grow up) and a remote control truck.  So far you have managed to cram the family of pandas into the back of the truck and you have almost mastered driving the truck in a straight line.

      P1150321     P1150319

The day ended with a dinner of your choice.  After much deliberation between a bratwurst at home, you chose Buffalo Wild Wings where you quickly ordered “chips and salsa, a hotdog with French fries, and water.” 

You dove into four in style and you have not stopped telling anyone who will listen that “I am FOUR!”  It’s a big deal around here.

I add a year onto this saying each year, but it couldn’t be more true, our world was changed four years ago and it was all because a beautiful and spunky little girl entered our world.  You have made our family and our home brighter and we could not be more blessed.  Happy 4th Birthday Big Girl!!

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