Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer is a Blur.

Does anyone else know what happened to July 2013?  It was here because I remember things like the 4th of July, a few great trips to Sandy Lake and overall a lot of fun with friends.  I think I may have even turned another year older—but now, all of a sudden, I looked at the calendar and it is August.  Crazy.

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As the kids get older it only goes faster and I can barely stand it.  This summer has been full of nothing but fun.  When our weekend (Wednesday-Thursday) ends, another one awaits me that the rest of the world is enjoying, and I am finding it very easy to enjoy it all over again. 

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This leaves me and the girls with four weekend days a week—and the other three days-well, it is summer vacation so those don’t stray too far from the feeling of weekends either.  We are lucky and have been so spoiled this summer.  School starts in just a few short weeks and I am already afraid the transition might feel a bit painful.  Schedules?  Alarm clocks?  Places we need to be?  Agendas we have to follow?  Nope.  Not yet.  Just stay away a little bit longer…

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My brain is a muddle of a sand, sun, garden dirt, bike rides, beach towel laundry, and play date fun.  We are left with long days, later bedtimes, sleeping in until nearly 8 (Whaattt??!!) and an overall feeling of warm fuzzies when the days end.  The girls are playing beautifully together-just like sweet sisters should.  They have had their moments of annoyance, but it seems few and far between.  Nothing says summer more than a clothesline full of towels and swimsuits-flapping in the sunshine and breeze.

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We’ve celebrated birthdays 2 and 3 times over again, swam until our fingers were prunes.  We made sand castles, chalk drawings, and bug houses.  We snack when we are hungry, we return our library books when they are due only to come home with another big bagful of new ones.  We played with our Kentucky Cousins and squeezed in as much time as would allow while they were home. 

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      mikcaleb    avamal

Mallory was “caught” staying up way later than her bedtime reading by flashlight—her punishment was simple-as long you stay up late, you must sleep in to recover.  Done.  She sleeps in like a champ and has been known to close her eyes later than her parents on a few nights.

We have just a few weeks left before our attendance at places other than a picnic really matters…until that point there is no looking back!  We are set to enjoy every last drop of our summer days!


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