Sunday, June 16, 2013


Inspired by a blog I stumbled upon, I began writing down things I wanted to teach my daughters as they grow up. Each one as heart felt as the next, it took me about a year to compile my own complete list of 50 thoughts for the girls.

1. You were loved before you were welcomed into our arms.

2. As sisters you will fight harder with each other than with anyone else in this world.

3. You will also love one another more than you can love a best friend.

4. Watch your bank accounts, doing so will make your dad proud.

5. Laugh at the little things

6. Be blessed by the simple things.

7. You can always come home. No matter how long it has been or what you have done.

8. We may not welcome what mistakes you’ve made, but our arms and minds will
always be open for understanding.

9. Marry a man who loves to play like a kid. I did and he has made one of the greatest dad’s in the world.

10. Always respect others, especially your elders.

11. Don’t follow the crowd if the crowd is hurting someone else.

12. Stand up for those that are different, as being different is what sets us up for great relationships.

13. Plant a garden…even if it is in a few pots on your front porch. When you harvest your produce, think of me.

14. Play the music loud and sing along. Singing makes you both feel better.

15. You heart will be broken by someone you think you love. I promise it will feel like a wide open wound, but it will heal. Cry on my shoulder and I will rub your back. And make you popcorn.

16. Be a friend by acting like the friend you want to have.

17. Girlfriends are the best therapy. Keep the good ones around.

18. Don’t align yourself with the mean girls.

19. Anybody who makes you feel like you are not good enough, girl or boy, is not worth it.

20. Remember this when you go on your first date; it’s your dad’s job to embarrass you. I promise this is just his way of dealing with the fact that you are growing up much too quickly.

21. Love feels different at 16, 25, and 32. When you are 16, love doesn’t mean giving your boyfriend your everything.

22. I will not judge you. Talk to me and I will listen.

23. I was a teenager once before as well. If you don’t believe me when I say I’ve been through what you’ve been going through, call Kristen, she was there.

24. You have angels watching over you, but this doesn’t mean you are indestructible.

25. Chocolate is great medicine.

26. Your dad will drop whatever he is doing to take you to a movie. Call him. You will both enjoy the afternoon date.

27. You don’t need makeup to be beautiful. God made your big beautiful blue eyes, and they are breathtaking just the way they are.

28. You never, ever deserve to be treated without respect.

29. If anyone who says they love you, raises a hand to you, turn around and leave.

30. Follow your dreams, get an education, do what makes you happy, but make enough money to pay your bills and put food on your table.

31. Come home on Christmas. Remember the warm feeling you get before we celebrate Christmas as a family and don’t ever, EVER forget it.

32. Always let me call you by your nicknames (peanut and baby). I promise I won’t do it in front of your friends.

33. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable or illegal situation with your friends, make up an excuse, blame it on me, do whatever you need to do to leave. I will pick you up, no questions ask.

34. Remember, the police will almost always find you guilty by association. See above.

35. Sometimes all you need is a good cry.

36. Most men won’t understand the need for a good cry. This is okay. Just make sure to spend the rest of your life with someone who, though may not understand it, will be there until the crying is over, just because you want him to.

37. Your dad and I don’t make up rules just to be cruel. We do it to set boundaries and keep you safe. You won’t fully understand this until you become a parent.

38. You are beautiful from the cowlick on the back of your head down to your crooked toe.

39. There was a time when your dad and I could protect you from almost anything. Telling you there was no such thing as monsters made you feel safe. I desperately want to remember those days.

40. Laugh. Laugh hard and often.

41. Find friends that make you laugh.

42. Be yourself. You are amazing just the way you are.

43. Get lost in a great book.

44. When you say “Thank You” or “I am sorry” remember to make eye contact and mean it when you say it.

45. Prayer is powerful. Turn to it when you feel troubled and grateful.

46. Whether you play softball or not, learn to throw the ball the “right” way. Not sure if you are doing it correctly, find your grandpa Crandall, and ask him.

47. Find time to carve out of your busy schedules to serve others. Not only will it help those in need, it gives a warm fuzzy feeling that is priceless.

48. Remind me that I was once a teenager. If I forget, or act like I don’t understand where you are at in life, have me call Kristen. She was there.

49. It takes a village to raise respectable individuals. Remember those adults we have surrounded ourselves with know what they are talking about. Listen to them-and don’t roll your eyes at them (or at us for that matter).

50. We brought you into this world surrounded by love.  There is nothing you can do to make that unconditional love go away.


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Anna Bird said...

Thank you for this, I loved it. You have inspired me to write my own. Glad to see your summer has been productive! Maybe we can get together once before it's over :-)