Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving Thanks 2012

We wrapped up Thanksgiving weekend yesterday.  It was a weekend filled with family, food, holiday preparation and relaxation.  A mix of everything made it taste just right.

We saw both families and spent time eating and visiting with both.  Thursday was warm enough in the morning for a nature walk with Grandma and Grandpa Crandall.  We rushed home to eat lunch, hoped in the car and made it to one of our favorite parks from the old neighborhood, Lakefront Park.  The wind was just starting to whip up and we weren’t able to stay long as the temperature was dropping fast.  We headed down to Jordan and enjoyed the afternoon at Brent’s parents.

Friday we hosted Thanksgiving for my family.  Mallory and Mikayla headed over to our neighbors for a traditional breakfast the day after Thanksgiving of Pumpkin Pie.  Right up Mallory’s alley.  Mikayla brought a few cookies to eat as her treat.  They played the morning away and came home ready to slave away with me in the kitchen.  Mallory was put right to work in making Great Grandma Crandall’s signature stuffing.  Though she won’t eat it (yet) she said it smelled delicious. 

Just as tradition should hold, Saturday we got out the Christmas decorations and made the house as holly-berry as we could get it. Nothing makes a house feel more warm than a lit Christmas tree, hot cocoa, and Christmas music on Pandora.  The kids were thrilled as we took one thing after another out of bins that they remembered…or that Mallory remembered and Mikayla faked that she remembered too.  In a few weeks will head out, ax in hand, and chop down our second-annual fresh cut Christmas tree.

Before we wrap up November and toss it out all together, we are keeping in mind those things we are thankful for.  Once again, I am going to make it my mission through the next 6 weeks, to not rush through it all…


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