Friday, May 4, 2012

A Brand New (beautiful) Garden

And it is all ours!

The backyard once held a small garden.  It was great.  We grew many plants and made lots of memories with that first plot.  When we moved back, the plan had always been to expand the plot…add a bigger fence!  A paved walkway!  A sandbox!  We kept adding great ideas—which  made the list of work for Brent longer and longer.  He persevered. He worked harder than I ever imagined he had have to work and the outcome is exactly what we pictured. We lucked out with the early and warm spring that we had and we finished in time for some early planting.

The raw land before
2012-03-20 001 002

The almost finished plot.  Is it ever really finished?

2012-04-24 001 001

2012-04-24 001 004


Kristen said...

Looks soo good! and like it was a lot of work.

Amanda Jean said...

Oh wow...I don't really think I could BE more jealous of this garden. I'm 99.9% sure I'm full to jealous capacity. Please, oh please let me come play in the dirt with you this summer!