Monday, February 20, 2012

The “tail” of a Raccoon

Yet another visit from a critter at the Eid house.  Brent went to take Lucy outside after much sniffing and not much “doing” Brent poked his head out to see what Lucy was up to.  He saw her sniffing around the corner of the house, trying to peer behind our air conditioner. 

Upon closer look he saw this…
(no not a 15 year old sprinkler-look beyond the sprinkler)

2012-02-07 002 001

2012-02-07 002 004

As fast as he could, he yanked Lucy inside and shut the door.  When he found the perfect spot to scope out what the raccoon was doing he saw that he was in fact “asleep” breathing deep.  At least that was the description he gave me.

When I got home a few hours later, I could tell that the raccoon was not “breathing from deep sleep”, he was seizing from some sort of illness.  He was sick and we needed him to kindly leave our property before his sickness made Lucy sick. 

A few phone calls later and armed with a hefty payment Falls Creek Pest Control came to our rescue.  We were under the assumption they would remove the raccoon and euthanize him.  We were surprised to hear that they humanely trap and test the animal to see if it can be saved.

2012-02-07 001 004

2012-02-07 001 006

2012-02-07 001 007

We made a phone call a few days later to see if Rocky made it through the night, and we were sorry to hear he had Distemper and had to be put to sleep.  They assured us that the Raccoon population was in no way near extinction…  Lucy was happy to hear we had him removed before he could spread his distemper love on to her.

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