Thursday, December 15, 2011

Toddler Play

When toddlers are left to their imaginations
you never know what you might find…

As I was making dinner, I opened the cupboard to pull out the toaster and this is what I found. 
Apparently sisters needed a tan before they headed to South Beach.
Please note: the toaster is never plugged in unless up on the counter out of reach.

2011-12-14 001 005

Kitchen/Great room of the doll house
Does this mean the cow was invited for dinner or steak was served as the main course?
2011-12-14 001 006

Giant cookies for dessert in the attic! 
“What’s that Dad? You want to know where we got our great tan? 
Oh, we have the perfect spot…”
2011-12-14 001 007

Looks like the dog was treated to the leftovers from dinner…
2011-12-14 001 008