Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

2011-10-31 001

With the loss of Mallory’s two front teeth, she was (less than) thrilled when I asked her if she wanted to be the tooth fairy. I thought the idea was so great.  She changed her mind and signed up with a big YES! when I told her Mikayla would toddle behind as a giant white tooth. The costume making itself proved to be semi-easy once I jumped the hurdle of “but I am not crafty”. A few tooth embellishments on a current fairy gown and Mallory’s costume was done. Mikayla’s tooth took a little bit of help from our neighbor as well as some putzy work on Brent’s old T-shirt. I was pretty happy with the outcome—more so because I did it then the actual resemblance that Mikayla was to a tooth.

Once again we celebrated Halloween until our costumes nearly fell apart.  The kids’ buckets (and bellies) are full of treats.  We started the weekend off with the annual Halloween party at my mom’s apartment.  Grandma LOVED the kids and was happy to hand out as much candy as anyone would take.  Sunday we headed south and visited Brent’s family.   His Aunt and Uncle were happy to hand out some candy and the girls loved the horses they have.  Grandma and Grandpa Eid spoiled the kids…It was the first Halloween in 6 years that we didn’t celebrate with Caleb and Ava (we miss you all!).  The weekend finished with our traditional dinner with the Jovles and the Moehrings.  Kristen and John added to our costumed bunch with baby Molly who made the most adorable peapod I have ever seen. 

Brent made it very clear that we were ALL dressing up on Halloween itself.  As excited as he was, I couldn’t let him down.  We surprised the kids as Raggedy Ann and Andy.  Mallory was ecstatic that we were dressed up too.  Grandpa Crandall’s house was the first stop and from there we came back home and trick or treated around the neighborhood. 

We all had fun and by the time we came inside at the end of the night, I was plenty ready to say Goodbye to Halloween 2011.

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