Friday, October 28, 2011


Family Fun Night!  We carved pumpkins in preparation for Halloween.  Brent was the most excited about this activity, followed closely by Mallory.  The girls were interested in the process for all of 5 minutes before Brent and I were forced to take over and finish up. 

**Mikayla dug in the pumpkin for 1 minute before declaring “EWWWW” in the most gruff voice you can imagine.  She then found a spider crawling on the pumpkin and all was okay.  I kid you not.

2011-10-26 001 002

**Mallory was really really excited. She put on grubby clothes, she watched intently as we carved the tops off and when it was her turn to take the guts out she was all ready to go!  Three minutes later her hands were freezing and she needed a trike break. 
**Brent didn’t want just a normal jack-o-lantern face. He went all out and when it was all said and done he proclaimed “That is the best pumpkin I’ve ever carved.”

2011-10-26 001 0082011-10-26 001 013

**I achieved perfection when one of the pictures I took of the girls showed them both smiling HUGE happy smiles.

2011-10-26 001 017

Next up…celebrating Halloween for five straight days!

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