Saturday, November 5, 2011

You at Two

Mikayla, fittingly I titled this post “You at Two” because you are a full blown two year old.  I have many many favorites about you during this age and stage. 

You are now referring to yourself as “you”.  When I first figured this out, it came on the heels of a very confusing conversation. 
Mik:  “Momma, book.  YOU!” 
Me:  “Do you want mommy to read you a book?”
Mik:  “NO! Momma BOOK YOU!”
Me:  “Do you want mommy to look at the book by myself?”
Me:  Completely puzzled…taking a guess…”Do you want to read a book by yourself?
Mik:  In the sweetest voice.  “Yeah.  You!  Book!”
It has since snowballed. When you want something, you refer to yourself as you.  Confusing, sort of.  Make senses, absolutely.  We are trying to refer to you as Mikayla, as often as we remember.

Speech therapy is going really well.  You started in the fall after we waited a handful of months after your tubes went in to see if your language blossomed.  To no avail, we needed help.  Darby is fabulous and has given us all sorts of tips on helping you articulate the many many words you have.  You have full blown conversations saying only a few intelligible words.  In two months we have come really far.  You are mimicking us and trying really hard to listen to the word and say it how you hear it.  We are at a mountain in which we have to break old habits attempting to teach you the correct habits.  Word by word, we will get there.  I promise to continue to work just as hard as you are.

You are tuned in to all of our emotions. If you see Mallory upset you go right to her to pat her back and tell her “ohhhh nooooo”  It’s adorable.  Sometimes this perks your sister up, other times it makes her more angry.  You take my cheeks in your hands and plant big wet kisses wherever you choose, forehead, eyes, lips and sometimes the tip of my nose.  You also like to sweep my hair away from my forehead and give me a kiss.  This you learned from me, as I always sweep your hair away and kiss you on your forehead.  If you are scolded you run to whoever didn’t do the scolding and ask for some sympathy. 

You love your babies.  You carry them, feed them, change them when they are “ohhh EWWW stinkkyyy”.  You also love to use the doctor kit and play “thdump dump” which is your sound for a heart beat. 

2011-11-04 001 003
Giving your teeny tiny dinosaur a check-up

You play really well.  You will head downstairs and play in the playroom all by yourself.  Some days you choose to play by yourself more than you choose to play with your daddy or I.  You never pass down an opportunity to play with Mallory.  You follow her wherever she wants, but you are quick to give your opinion on what the chosen activity is.  You also love to play hide and seek.  Most days you find a better hiding spot, staying much quieter, than your older sister.  It is so fun to watch you play.  You count “Da. Two. Teee. Two. Teee. Two. TEEE.” 

2011-11-04 001 004
Playing Hide and Seek with your dad-you and your sister found a prize winning hiding spot!

You still love bugs.  We are closing in on the season where most of our bugs will be taking a long winters’ nap, and I am curious if you will still love them next spring.  You drop whatever you are doing to pick up a bug and play with it.  It is remarkable to me.  You call them all “bees”.  You go on bug hunts…they aren’t over until your little fingers are full of tiny bugs.

2011-10-14 001 0052011-10-14 001 004

Mikayla, time is going by way too fast.  I am watching you blossom into a little girl with such a vibrant and fun personality.  You continue to be persistent and polite with just enough spunk to keep me on my toes.  Thanks for the days filled with fun and smiles! 

2011-10-24 001 007

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