Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bump. Tug. POP!

Today you BUMPED your very loose tooth when you were playing with Julia.

It bled.  You cried.  But it did not fall out.  It was hanging on by a few more threads than what would make it easy to just wiggle out.  You wiggled and wiggled, and it bled and bled.  When I asked if you wanted me to pull it out, you said “NO! YES! NO! Okay…yes…”

Covered in a bit of toilet paper I wiggled, TUGGED a little bit, and


2011-10-02 001 004

The second front tooth is so close to falling out it won’t be long before it is out too.   Once again, your look changed in a instant.  A bit more grown up and a little bit goofy…

With moving from house to house, we found the tooth fairy pillow that Kate and I used when were little.  You stick the little tooth in the rainbow pocket and the Tooth Fairy fills it up with her treasure! 

2011-10-02 001 005

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Aaron Mathison said...

Just in time for Halloween!