Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chasin’ Butterflies

Our neighbor came over 2 nights ago with a butterfly perched on a twig.  He found her in his yard and he figured it was either injured and unable to fly, or the recent cooler temps were slowing it down too much to be able to take flight.  We happily put it in our butterfly box, showered her with twigs, grass, flowers and sugar water, all in hopes of helping her perk up so she would be able to fly away. 

2011-09-22 001 008

When the sun peeked through the clouds today, I told Mallory and her friend Julia that they could take the butterfly outside and see if she was ready to fly. 

She wasn’t ready to fly…  In fact she was very content hanging out on our finger tips, elbows, hands and shirt sleeves.  That little butterfly held onto Mikayla while she walked over to our neighbor’s house to show them. 

2011-09-24 001 005

2011-09-24 001 007

2011-09-24 001 012

We gave her fresh flowers, sugar water, and twigs and put her back in her happy box. It looks like she will be spending her few short lived days in Minnesota instead of Mexico.

One note about this next picture.  Mallory’s two front teeth are getting really loose.  Her side profile shows a two really bucky teeth getting ready to pop out.  Her view from the front is slowly starting to show the same feature. Her look is about to change, big time…  Any parent out there know, do they come in as bucky as they look when they are ready to fall out?  Eeek…if so, braces are definitely in Mallory’s future.

2011-09-24 001 004

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Kate said...

I see butterfly tattoos in their futures :)