Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Impatiently waiting for Fall

The girls and I are plenty ready for the change from Summer to Fall.  Mallory has been asking for a leaf pile to jump in for at least 2 weeks and I have been all over watching the leaves begin to slowly change from green to the vibrant fall colors we are beginning to see.  (I will come back to this post around the last week in January and want to kick this part of me in the head for wishing summer away.)

Sunday morning the weather forecast looked promising for the morning hours so we headed out to find a few fall colors to take our first set of pictures.  Problem number one-Mikayla wanted nothing to do with sharing space with her sister.  Go figure.  This in turn made Mallory put on her “this really isn’t any fun” fake smile.  I snapped a couple single shots, decent enough with the bright colors of the Sumacs, and off we went.

2011-09-25 002 012
2011-09-25 002 008

We grabbed the wagon and the rake and headed to our neighbors back yard to steal leaves.  Our goal was to fill our wagon with leaves and jump all the way until lunch time.

2011-09-25 002 0262011-09-25 002 027

Giggle. Rake. Carry. Giggle. Dump. JUMP. Giggle. Throw. Hide. Giggle…

2011-09-25 002 028
2011-09-25 002 0292011-09-25 002 031
Where's Mikayla?2011-09-25 002 0352011-09-25 002 036
They threw leaves at each other, they threw leaves at me.  They pretended to sleep in the leaves.  They jumped and jumped and jumped some more. 

17 seconds of smiles and giggles…

Giggles and Leaves

Mallory uttered to me as we pulled the wagon back to the garage when it was well past lunch time, “This was the best morning ever!” 

After nap we were all super excited to introduce Sienna to our leaf pile. She wasn’t ready to jump in quite yet just give her a year and it will be all.over.


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