Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I feel like I was just holding you in my arms, minutes old…DSC01039

I feel like I just spent countless hours bouncing.rocking.swaying.

I feel like you just discovered your little tongue—and you have loved it ever since.

I feel like you just learned to sit up all by yourself and that we just learned it was growing in bright red.

I feel like you just learned how to slither.

I feel like I just blew up a whole bunch of balloons and celebrated your first year…
And now here we sit.. 
2011-08-04 001 002
My beautiful Mikayla you are two years old.  You have a spunk and zest for life like no other little girl I’ve met.  You are persistent.  If you get your car stuck in the grass, you push harder, hardly ever giving up.   If you could play outside from the moment you were done with breakfast (nobody better get in the way of your meals) until it was time for lunch, you’d be at your happiest.  Barefoot and in a diaper is how you love to roll.  We insist (most of the time) on wearing clothes.  You love bratwursts, grapes, chicken, cheese, grapes, and hose water. You continue to be our bitty, weighing in at barley 21 pounds. You have a lot to say, but a lot of it we don’t quite understand.  Your sister is your best friend and you ask for her each morning when you wake up.  Your favorite game is to take Mr. Elephant right from Mallory’s arms and run off with him, waiting with excitement,  for your sister to chase you.  You love your loveys.  Elmo (twice), Cookie Monster, Duck and a few rags must be with you at night.  Our days are filled with fun.  You make me smile and test my patience within seconds each and everyday.  I cannot wait to see what “2” will bring for you!  Happy Birthday Mikayla!

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