Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

I ended last year’s Memorial Day BBQ post with a picture of three little girls wiggling on a blanket as we attempted to take one successful picture with the three of them smiling.


  I ended with a statement about what was to come on Memorial Day 2011: 
     “Next year? We almost double it, putting the number to five little girls—what a sassy and fun little bunch we are sure to have :) 

When Cari and Greg got pregnant last summer, the deal was sealed and in one short year the number of little girls at the annual Memorial Day picnic went from three to six. 

Ariana (sleeping in the Bjorn at 10 weeks), Mallory (5), Sienna (9 months), Abbie (9 months), Ellie (2 years), and Mikayla (1).  Love.

Sassy and fun?  Absolutely. 

As well as Beautiful and Busy. 

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Jeff said...

I love the pictures! the picture with Mallory pushing Abbie is pretty funny! it looks like Abbie is about 20 feet away from Mallory! What a swing pusher!