Thursday, June 16, 2011

A winged mother

We’ve been giving a gift of a nest. We watched our mother bird take twine and sticks and build her nest.  We anxiously awaited as she sat poised in her new nest for a few days.  We were so excited when we saw 3 and then 4(!) tiny blue eggs fill the nest.

2011-06-08 002 001
The girls have both quietly peeked at this entire process and it has been so fun (even for me) to watch.  The momma bird will only leave her perched warming spot for a few minutes to let us peek at the eggs.  Today when I went to check I saw a tiny crack in one of the eggs.  We are now on hatch watch and won’t let them go unattended for more than a few hours to make sure we can watch the process unfold right before our eyes…

Mallory squealed with delight when she checked the nest on Tuesday morning.  She came running to me “MOMMY THE BIRDS HATCHED! There are two little baby birds in the nest! The eggs hatched!” You know the kind of excitement that almost takes your breath away while you try and talk—that was her tone. That was her facial expression.  It was so cool.  She literally jumped with excitement.  Mikayla hasn’t wanted to leave her spot with her belly flat on the deck looking down at the babies.  She lifts her head up, gives me the “shhh” sign, and goes back to watching the birds.
How in love are we?  Head over heels for our little birds.  Once they open their eyes we will name them.  And I don’t care if you think it is corny to name baby robins.  Don’t care one.bit.
2011-06-14 001 001
As of 9:00 am Tuesday morning we had two brand new baby robins waiting for food. The third egg is cracked in half and when you watch closely it moves methodically as the new life inside of it works so tirelessly to to free itself from the egg.
By Wednesday morning all four eggs successfully hatched.  They huddle together to keep warm and every so often they lift their heads, open their beeks and squeak for food.
Four new lives, though it is that of a bird, it is happening a mere 4 inches from our fingertips.  It has become a lesson on science, life, hard work, and love.  A big thanks to our mother bird who chose the perfect spot to allow us to watch the entire process… 
(In case you are the curious, bird loving type, more pictures of the winged babies will follow when they grow some feathers and open their eyes)

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Jeff said...

That is so cool! I think I'd by down on my belly all day too!