Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The very first game

When Brent was hired by the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller it was inevitable that his hours were not going to be Monday thru Friday 8-5.  We were both well aware of this.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t worry that this would be an adjustment.  When he started, Mallory was young and her activities never took place in the evening so it was never a big deal.  This year has brought the onset of activities and the opportunities for us as parents to (finally) sit on the sidelines and watch. We are no longer required to join in the class.  Mallory’s first T-ball game was supposed to be on a Monday night when Brent would normally be home.  With the rainy spring we’ve been having, unfortunately the game was cancelled and the first game would have to wait until Wednesday—an evening Brent was scheduled to work. 

I thought nothing of it. (Lie: I actually thought a little bit about how much work it would be to chase Mikayla and try to watch Mallory play.)  About 4:00 on Wednesday afternoon I got a few texts from Brent “Is the game cancelled?”  “Not yet and it doesn’t look like it will.”  “Damn.  I really want to be there.”  “”  “I am taking vacation time. This is too important to miss. I’ll be at the field at 6:00.” 

Mallory and Mikayla this is a moment where you will smile and remember.  You will remember that mom and dad were almost always there.  Come Hell or high water, your dad wouldn’t miss amazing waterslide rides or the very first T-ball game. 

We watched #5 swing and hit her first ball of the game.  We watched her run to each of the bases.  We watched her try really hard to pay attention when she played first base.  These are the moments that pictures are taken so that we will not forget.  The red helmet looks so big on her tiny body.  The blue hat falls to cover her eyes.  But more than anything, this night I will remember we were all there together.

When the game was over and we were on our way home I asked Mallory what her favorite part of the game was, and her response was simply put; “I loved the whole thing!”

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