Thursday, May 26, 2011

She went, she succeed and she conquered.

It was almost 3 years ago that she walked into her first preschool classroom.  At the age of (not quite) 2 1/2 she was curious from the get-go and she napped on only one occasion, the first day.  From then on she didn’t want to miss a single thing.  She has been a star student, in our eyes, from the very first day. schoolpre
In just a week she will graduate from preschool.  It will close a chapter in our family’s book of memories.  Is it a big deal to the rest of the World? Not at all.  Is it a big deal over here in our little house? You bet. 
She is about to start a journey that will open a world of new doors and add new memories to our ever-growing public diary.  She is heading to Kindergarten in the fall and I could not be more excited for the journey that lies ahead for all of us.  She will stand proud with her backpack filled with new crayons, a box of Kleenexes to share, and a post-it note that reads (something along the lines of) “I am a Kindergartener, if I look lost point me to Mrs. B’s room”.  She will look lost for all of about 3 minutes before she paves her very own path all over the Kindergarten classroom…  She will pose for a picture with her dog on one side and her little sister on the other.  The woman taking the picture will undoubtedly have a tear-streaked face as this is a memory any mother will remember forever… 
But those memories will only be created after we stand for Pomp and Circumstance as she walks in with a classroom of friends and teachers who have helped mold and guide Mallory to who she is today.  More to come on our little graduate next week.

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