Saturday, May 28, 2011

My best friend the beetle

Mikayla has hit the quick downslope of the few months before she turns two.  I absolutely loved the age of two to four with Mallory so I am very excited to see who this little girl blossoms into.

Today while we were playing outside Mikayla spotted a brown beetle.  She loves bugs. The “let me pick you up, squish you in my hands, give you a kiss and never say goodbye” sort of love, so it was no surprise when she gave me an exasperated smile and quickly bent down to pick up the sort of big bug. She then proceeded to play with him for the next 15 minutes…

She took him for a bike ride
Next she tried the wagon.  This proved to be very bumpy for Mr. Beetle…P1090205P1090206
So she decided to get in the wagon with him.
And hold him. And squeeze him. And try to kiss him.
We tried to put him “nigh nigh” in the woodchips, but goodbyes are really tough.  Instead she gave him one last kiss and set him free on the driveway. 
Mr. Beetle had a lot of energy in the beginning, kicking and crawling around, but man was he tired and sort of life-less when the play date was over…


Kristen said...

This is so cute but I'm SO glad it's your daughter and not mine. I am already praying I don't have the kid who likes bugs. *shudder*

Abbie said...

I LOVE this story! Adorable.