Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It was as simple as Thank You

Mikayla, you were in love with the blue rubber balls that were thrown around the pool at the waterpark we went to when you were 19 months old.  You toddled around the pool edge picking up the balls and attempting to throw them back into the pool.  When you toddled up to a ball and tossed it into the water, two teenage girls picked up the ball and proudly exclaimed “Thank You!” to you.  They put another ball on the edge of the pool for you, and, in your little green swimsuit, you picked it up, put it under one arm and, and moved your tiny hand from your chin forward, forming the sign “Thank You'”.  They continued to smile with a bit of confusion as your intent was very straightforward.  I added, she is saying Thank You for handing her the ball.  They were excited, smiled to each other, and wondered how to say “Your Welcome” 

You knew nothing else than you did what you’ve learned.  You took the ball, tossed it in the pool and than you left. You toddled your way towards another ball, your sister, your cousin or the water slides that, from a distance, made you giggle…

To be honest, I don’t remember what you walked off to find, I was left with my warm fuzzies.  If I didn’t have to follow you for your safety, I would have stayed in that moment.  You were so little, yet so clearly and effortlessly knew how to communicate what you wanted to say.

Love it.

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