Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Total Randomness

It’s as if this cold and extremely long winter has taken my creativity for writing and thrown clear on the other side of the frozen swamp wetlands that are outside my window.

Because I am feeling so depleted of all things funny or interesting I’ll just share with you some random pictures that I took over the last few days.

Looks like someone learned three new tricks!

1. Fake smile along with a loud “cheeeeese” 2. How to open Ziploc bags of snacks that were in the diaper bag 3. How to put on a pull up, at least on one leg.


Football game with the Jovles.  Mallory was blown away by the really cool popcorn popper.  Now she wants on of her own.


The laundry basket continues to be a place to wish the winter blues away.  Shortly after this picture was taken Mallory insisted that she push Mikayla in a boat race.  Mikayla thought it was great until the “boat” came to a screeching stop and Mikayla didn’t.  Slamming into the side of the basket was no fun.  Boat race-over.


We are attempting to teach Mikayla table manners.  Some of the most important include, but are not limited to, no feet on the table, no playing with yogurt like it is finger paint, and the correct place to throw your garbage is the trash can, not on the floor.  She loves throwing things away and sometimes likes to attempt to retrieve them as well.


I have been looking at pictures of summer and I am longing for the day we can just skip outside and head to the park…who is with me?

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Amanda Jean said...

I'm with you, I'm just not looking forward to arm-exposing clothing, sweating while simply sitting still, humidity, or massive allergy attacks. BUT I'm ready to bid the slop and freezing cold adieu.