Monday, December 20, 2010


The Vikings kicked off the football in an outdoor stadium in Minnesota today for the first time in some 30 years. (I think. This is from my memory of maybe hearing this stat on some news program).

Although I am researching these on the internet, I don’t have any plans to watch outdoor football anytime soon.


Not just any face mask, a Ninjaclava.  Now to any Grandmas, aunts, and close friends that are reading this, the masks will be ordered in fancy pink and not black.  I don’t want you ladies to think I am raising a couple of armed robbers.


We had a lot of fun outside last week! The snow banks were tall. The girls filled buckets up with snow and Mikayla giggled the entire time I pulled them in the sled. 


The snow banks are amazingly tall and I am certain we won’t see the bottom of our tree until May.

We came inside and the girls were ready for a snack.  By the time I put Mikayla in her chair and gave her a rice cake I looked at her cheek…


A cold hive.  One on each cheek.  Ninjaclava? I’ll take two.

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