Thursday, July 29, 2010

UPDATED: Did she do it?

Do you think she:

A. Freaked the heck out as soon as the boat motor started and refused to step foot in the water the rest of the day?

B. Sweet talked her daddy into riding with her so she wasn’t scared?

C. Hung on for dear life, smiled the entire time, and begged for more when the ride was over?


Didn’t I tell you to always guess C?  That’s right.  She loved every minute of tubing behind the boat.  Her smiles tell it all…




We spent the last few days at the cabin.  We were incredibly lucky with two “10” weather days.  Mallory’s new favorite past time is to be pushed on an inner tube in 2 feet of water.  Today, when Brent asked if she wanted to go in a tube behind the boat, she excitedly exclaimed “YES!”

We ate lunch, aired up the tube, put her life jacket on and made sure the straps were good and tight.  Brent rigged up Slow and Easy, and Mallory climbed into the center of the tube.

I took this video before we took off.  Notice she is still on shore :)

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Kristen said...

booo. No one likes a cliff hanger!!