Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 Weeks Left

In just two short weeks my baby girl will turn one.  My how time flies.  I have been pondering those last few weeks of pregnancy and the day Mikayla was born, in preparation for her big 1st birthday.  I am a sappy sole, and memories that were great when they were made, are grand when reflected on.  So in just 14 days I will begin the trek down memory lane on the moments that remain closest to my heart.  Below is a small part from the story of Mikayla’s true birthday,  is just a taste of what is to come…

…It was my absolute plan to have Mallory be the first person behind Brent and I to meet Mikayla. Mallory and I went through almost half of this pregnancy together while Brent was in Oklahoma. She was the one who felt her first kicks and she was one of the voices that Mikayla was going to recognize. Not even two hours after Mikayla entered this world, Mallory came into the room to meet her little sister for the first time. Writing these words brings tears back to my eyes. My beautiful daughters were in the same room. My family complete. Amazing. We put Mikayla on the bed and let Mallory inspect every little part of her body. I undressed her and showed Mallory her little toes, fingers, and belly button.  Love at first sight. Not only from Mallory to Mikayla but from within as I looked at my two, perfect, little girls.


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