Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Staying True to 1-0-2

Road trip to Hayward was successful. We didn’t get a flat tire.  Nobody got car sick.  We all made it home in one piece, with a little bit of sanity to spare.  We did some tourist stops in Hayward and had a blast. 


Way up top, in the mouth of the big Muskie, stands my sister, Olivia, Audrey, Mallory and Cathy…can’t you see them :)

DSC07907 '

They sure don’t grow that big on Sandy Lake.  This, is a good thing, as all visitors would come with 10 toes and leave with 8.


Sasquatch anyone?


And over to Wilderness Walk

Ok. So I am busted. ALL of the other pictures with random statues have been Mallory’s choice. Never have I forced her.  Until this picture.  What mother wouldn’t want to see there preschooler locked up, even for just one second (while she said the whole time “Mommy this is so uncomfortable…”)?


Ok. Last forced shot, I promise. But come on, Jail?  If you are a mother you would have posed the same picture…


And finally, not found on any state map, but well deserving of a posed picture is the outhouse at Jeff and Cathy’s place.  This puts any other outhouse to shame…


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