Thursday, June 24, 2010

A sure sign of summer

Summer is here, and besides the flip-flop tan lines Mallory and I are sporting, there is one other sure sign it is summer.  Wanna know what it is?  If you said the sound of Mikayla chomping on sand, you’d be wrong…

The ultimate sign are the bruises on Mallory’s legs from her knees to just above her ankles.  She is a sundress lovin’ four year old this summer so her legs are always exposed.  I am not sure if these bruises come from her numerous trips up the steps and down the slides at the park or if they are from her many attempts at stopping the wagon from rolling into street.  She knows darn well if she has the privilege of pulling her sister in the wagon, she better make sure she stops it from rolling into the street, even if that means a bruised shin.

As unsightly to others as they may seem, bruised legs are one of the greatest reminders that my kid really enjoys a sunny summer day.

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