Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sandy Lake 2010

Picture over load of our first “weekend” up at the lake.  The weather wasn’t the greatest but we made the best of it.  We had some friends up so Mallory got to have her first sleepover in the loft with her friend.  Surprisingly, we all slept!

Mmmmm delicious Mud Soup (when I spell check, “Mmmmm” says it should say mammy” this, makes me laugh.)


Different red-headed baby, same playpen 30 years later





Mikayla’s first dip in the lake


She giggled and laughed the entire time.  She LOVED it!


It appears I have a water baby on my hands…

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Amanda Jean said...

I imagine you probably had some inkling she was a water baby when she started speed-slithering to the bath tub :) I love these photos! I have never quite gotten these lake you guys own a cabin?