Sunday, June 6, 2010

Double Digits

Mikayla hits the double digits in June.  Ten months old!  She has a blooming personality and loves life.  She is picking up on so many new things each day it is amazing to watch. 

She loves tagging along to the park with her big sister and her cousins.


Her hair shines as red as it ever has in the sunlight, and (see the rock in her hand) she still puts whatever she can find in her mouth. 


This month Mikayla met her goat friends


She road a fish and will spend her fist overnight at Sandy Lake as a 10 month old.  She first visited Sandy Lake when she was just nine days old, my how time flies…


I haven’t had a chance to take her baby block “TEN” photo shots yet.  In the next few days I’ll get them taken and uploaded.  This month I am sure to post a whole bunch of videos of Mikayla.  I am a sucker for baby tricks… 


molly said...

happy 10 months!! love that hair! to die for!

Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

Happy 10 months Mikayla! Time sure has flown:)