Monday, April 19, 2010

Perfect day for a walk

Sunday brought more beautiful, Minnesota spring weather.  I loaded the van with Mallory’s bike and Mikayla’s stroller and we headed to see my mom.  I am pretty sure it took Mallory two visits, almost a year ago, to feel at home at my mom’s “apartment”.  She strolls in, key in hand, and knows exactly where to go.  She smiles at the staff, waves at the other residents and recognizes many faces.  Sunday brought a new adventure...she got to ride her bike all the way up to Grandma’s room.  In the front door, down the hallways, up the elevator, she peddled away. I began to watch her from behind as she maneuvered with ease.  It wasn’t that she has mastered her bike riding skills, it is that she is beginning to master her conversation and people skills.  She waved and smiled, and those that she knew, she called by name.  She zoomed into my Mom’s room, gave a quick hello hug and then was off to “Go say hi to Jim!”  A few minutes later I walked down the hallway to find her peddling out of Jim’s room after “chatting for a little while”.  Up next, she grabbed my dad and off they went down the hall to say hello to Doe and Elmer.  I’d by lying if I said seeing her interact with these people didn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling every single time we go visit.

We picked up grandma and grandpa and headed out for a nature walk. 


My dad took us on one of his normal routes, the shorter of several that he takes my mom on each day the weather cooperates. 

Mallory stopped along the way to visit the patio we haven’t seen since last fall…


We walked across a bumpy wooden bridge…


Mikayla held on tight. No need to be alarmed, she didn’t need to hold on tight.  Don’t go thinking I am a crazy stroller driver…


We also saw 3 geese, a flock of ducks, a blue heron and train tracks.

The walk was not complete until we came upon a large meadow of Mallory’s favorite flower, the dandelion.  She picked 6 flowers; 1 for each of us (Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy and Mikayla) and two for herself. 


Now you tell me, Is there a better place to put your flowers then in your bike helmet??

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