Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fastest month yet…

It has been a big month around here.  I mean HUGE. 

Besides the day of her birth, this seventh month has proven to be monumental in Mikayla’s life.  She has rounded a corner and I have promised her I will never take her back.  The biggest and best news is the homemade goat milk formula and it could not be going any better.

Mikayla is also:

  • off of all reflux medication
  • sleeping in her crib
  • waking up twice a night.  Yes, I am still tired, BUT she is only waking to eat and then goes right back to sleep.  This makes a world of difference.
  • eating and LOVING solid foods
  • off of all grains.  This means no cute little Gerber puffs, cheerios or rice puffs or sliced bread.  Finger foods now consist of cooked celery and garbanzo beans—which she loves.
  • has zero teeth. 
  • clapping her two little hands together when excited (or prompted—I am slightly addicted to asking her to clap because I love baby clapping)
  • spontaneously and accurately signing for more. (Dear Mikayla, though people say red heads are a bit feisty I am hoping this is an untrue statement.  I know you really like to eat and you have a great big appetite.  However, it is not necessary to hold your breath and clench your fists before giving in and just asking for more.  Love, your mom)

And now, drum roll please…

In this, her seventh month, Mikayla has mastered the art of:

Slithering!  By definition given to her from her big sister, Mikayla is on the move!  She was getting really really annoyed that the world was moving around her and she wanted in on the action.  She gets up on all fours, rocks a bit, drops to her stomach and pushes off on her toes.  It is a lot of work, but it gets the job done.  The best part of this milestone was the reaction by all of us.  She saw the door stop on her bedroom door and it was all over.  Move out of her way! She wanted that door stop and nothing was going to stop her.  We moved her back three times so we could keep watching her and cheering her on.  Mallory kept cheering “she’s crawling! She’s slithering! She’s slithering!”  Four days later she does not stop.  



What a great month!!!


Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

That was a great month! Happy 8 months Mikayla! Can't wait to see the next great 8 and more!

molly said...

so cute! i'm fascinated by the homemade formula! and my little ad loves garbonzo beans too! ;)