Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wiggles and Giggles


I posted this picture on Facebook and got a bunch of responses on how cute it is. 

While I do agree with the comments (of course I do look at them!), I wanted to give you all a glimpse at how quick with the camera I have to be. 


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness - those sisters have the sweetest little giggles :) I love seeing the behind the scenes to the great picture!

Aaron Mathison said...

You may already know this, but...

I read a photo tip somewhere once that said to use your video mode on your camera to catch good action shots, instead of trying to capture the perfect moment on a still.

Then afterward you can grab stills from the video and save them as individual pictures.

The resolution might not be as good, but you might get some shots you wouldn't have normally.