Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have we struck oil?

I wish.
Brent went for a walk yesterday morning only to take one step out onto the sidewalk and realize we had a problem. There was water bubbling up from under the ground. So much water that it was pooling over our entire (small) front yard all the way to the street. He called the city and within an hour the city had an action plan. A great plan (please sense my sarcasm). They were going to need to rip up the grass, dig up our one and only tree, take out our sidewalk and dig a seven foot hole to repair the water main break that they suspected was causing the pooling of water. Cue the back hoe! When the grass came up, so did a whole lot of messy, thick mud.

Cue the "suction truck"! A big ol' semi came in with a suction hose and sucked all the muck out of the way.

The hole was dug and the pipe was fixed.
Cue the bob cat! The bob cat filled the hole and filled the hole and filled the hole again.

What was left at the end of Monday was a big sloppy mess that left us "sidewalkless".

Swell. We woke up Tuesday morning to more city workers with more flashing light vehicles. Cue the "slop cleaning truck"! This truck came in and cleaned up the sidewalk and the street and took care of the majority of the slop that landed outside of the parameter of our "slop of a front yard". We then had some temporary black top to be used as our sidewalk until spring when the city can come out and put concrete back in. At that time they will also give us a sprinkler system, a new tree (hopefully) and some grass...

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