Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Great Adventure Continues

I had no intention of leaving you in suspense just for the fun of it.  I was beyond tired and my creative juices had run completely dry. 

We last left off (how is that for Soap Opera commentary) with us heading north on 94 to St. Cloud.  We were all about following our Google directions.  With my trusty navigator by my side we exited the freeway and began our lookout for our evening destination.  Turn right, slight left, 2 miles, turn right, .4 miles turn left, 10th Avenue, 2nd Street…we were lost.  We could not find the final street we needed.  The details of all the right turn, left turn, try this way, try that way are all a blur. What I do remember is the majority of us not wanting to look inside the next envelope.  We knew the next envelope would “give away” where we were supposed to be.  What fun would that have been?  Then we saw our Saving Grace (or so we thought).  Cooper* was there in the middle of the road with his three dogs—he surely would be able to get us to Germaine Street. 

The conversation between Cooper and the Van went something like this

“Um, excuse me.  Could you please tell us where Germaine Street is?

“Uhhh.  What part of Germaine? 

“We have no idea.  It is a really long story.  Just the general area would be great.”

“Go head up towards Coborns. Take a left onto Cooper (you guessed it, this is where he got his nickname).  Then when you see Wal-Mart and 2nd Avenue, take a right.  That’ll get ya to Germaine.”

“Thanks so much! Sorry to interrupt your walk!”

*Name changed to protect the innocent

Ok. Back on track.  We headed towards Cooper Street and proceeded to try and go left.  No luck.  You can only go right on Cooper.  Ok. Right on Cooper. Maybe let’s try a left on 2nd then…


Clearly this wasn’t where we needed to be.  We realized that we were on the wrong side of the tracks.  Maybe crossing them would get us to our destination.  At this point (probably 30 minutes of being lost) we decided to turn on the Garmin and see if she could help us locate our resting spot.  A few demands to “turn around you idiot you’ve gone the wrong way” from our lovely guide, she eventually directed us to downtown St. Cloud.  Though we half expected to see Phil from the Amazing Race waiting on his famous mat, he was no where to be seen.  What was found was the Radisson Hotel, our hotel for the night.

We were then instructed to head to our hotel room and get “dollied” up for the night. 

Our next envelope gave away our dinner plans and had us headed to D.B. Salles for dinner.  Fine dining at its best :)  We filled up on nachos, steak, shrimp and scallops.  We were stuffed and so excited because after dinner brought another envelope ceremony.  This envelope told us to head back to the hotel and open the big huge basket that was sent along with us.

We got in our comfy clothes and then sat together and opened up the basket.



Once again, we were spoiled.  Yummy treats, a deck of cards, a few bottles of wine and heart shaped wine glasses filled the basket.  We read magazines, watched the Olympics and gabbed the night away.  We then crawled into our sleep number beds (not nearly as comfortable as they are hyped up to be.  In fact Kristen M’s and I’s bed was clearly broken.  Not wanting to adjust to any number but zero and then was crafted in such a way that allowed us to slink towards the middle of the bed all night long). 

We woke up and knew we only  had three envelopes left.  The realization that the weekend was coming to an end was looming over our heads.  Our 7th envelope instructed us to head to the hotel buffet and enjoy breakfast. 

 valentines day 020

Notice our cute glasses.  Yeah Hubbies—that toast was for you and the great weekend :)

Our eighth envelope contained a message about checking out of the hotel and heading to a specific address (but no location name) in Albertville for some much deserved pampering.  Whooo hooo!! Pampering!!  We loaded up the van and we were off.  Where are the directions?  Um.  Way to go me, I left them somewhere between the restaurant and the room.  Kristen called Justin, got the address and we plugged it into Garmin and let her lead the way.  We got to Albertville, followed the lady’s instructions, and thought we were in the right spot.  A strip mall with a Nail salon in it.  PEDICURES!!!  We were super excited.  Our envelope didn’t have a gift card so we wondered if the guys had prepaid.  We headed inside and when we asked the nail technician if we had reservations or if anyone had paid in advance. He looked at us like we were asking to order a pizza, in a nail salon.  We sat down and decided we better open the next envelope to see if there were further instructions. 

Sad as it was, Envelope 9 was opened.  For the most part we tried to avoid this envelope like the plague because we knew what it was going to say…

Well all good things must come to an end.  And of course we miss you.  Time to head back to reality.  We will see you soon.

The final envelope ceremony was a little sad, but it still didn’t give us definite instructions as to our “pampering”.  Assuming (big mistake) we were in the right spot we sat down for pedicures and began enjoying some trashy magazines and a bubbly bath for our feet.  About 1/2 way through our appointment Kristen got a text.  I can’t quote what it said but the jist of it told us that we were in the wrong spot.  We had (pre-paid) appointments for special Valentines Day pampering at a real salon a few blocks away.  In all of our pedicure excitement we forgot to follow Garmin to her final resting spot.  If we would have, she would have surely told us, in her sweet voice, that we were not in the right spot and to take do an immediate U-Turn.  Justin was able to get gift cards refunded to him for the pampering.  Though we felt bad, we were able to see the bright side in the matter… 

What is the bright side?  Another day in Albertville finished off with some pampering to use the gift cards!! I always say, you have to find the silver lining in everything…

We headed home and headed back to reality.  I ended the weekend by filling Brent in all the details I could remember.  I think I can speak for the other ladies when I say they went above and beyond in showing us how much we mean to them. 

Thanks Guys for a fabulous weekend!  Oh and we wouldn't be opposed to making this an annual event—in case you were wondering :)


Amy said...

what a fun fun weekend that sounds like! You have great hubbies! Glad you had a great time!

Aaron Mathison said...

Brent and Justin and the guys are geniuses, sending the wives away for Valentines day... I hope they played some poker while you were gone!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I would send you again. I mean, you couldn't even follow the directions the first time around. You owe your husbands so much....

Pam ~ Focus Photography said...

Kristie, This story is so funny. I thought these kinds of mixups only happen to the Mika sisters when traveling with Donna!! Very entertaining!