Friday, January 15, 2010

Am I funny?

There are a few (just a few) people in this world that I like to think, think I am funny.
First, there is this little girl.

She thinks I am funny. She sure does. My time with this daughter thinking I am funny is limited, and I am well aware of that. I am sure the day will come when I say something that I think is super funny. I will await the laughter of my oldest, and then it will happen. She will look at me, roll her 12 year old eyes at me, and say "Ugh. Mo-oom. You think you are soo funny. But you aren't." And then she will shrug off to her room, slam her bedroom door, and blare her radio. Something tells me that the song that will come from her radio won't be Raffi singing Down By the Bay. Yup that day will undoubtedly come.
For now, I'll keep acting my goofy self and saying my goofy things all in the attempt to keep her contagious laughter alive.

Second, there is this special college roomie.

"Wow!" You're saying. "I didn't know she lived with the Muppet's in college!" Well, I didn't actually live with a Muppet. But whenever I am in need of a good laugh I know just who to call. MmmmKayy? I am not sure whether it's the water they drink in the Prairie Chicken Capital of the World or what. Talking to her usually always involves lots of good ol' belly laughter.

And finally, one of the greatest little beings who also happens to think I am funny.

Making this baby laughs is so easy, it is addicting. I love hearing her squeals. I love watching her arms wiggle in delight. Sure, she laughs at her daddy and her sister too, but I don't care. The best part about laughter is how contagious it is. Mallory will get Mikayla laughing so hard that they both don't know how to stop. Mallory will keep saying "I. can't. stop. laughing." This baby and I have many many years of laughter ahead of us and I can't wait!

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HappyHourSue said...

Hey thanks for delurking!

I can tell you - one of the great joys in my life now is that BOTH my girls, 9 and 12 still think I'm funny AND have my same sense of humor so we crack each other up.

And all 3 of us laugh at my husband. good times.