Sunday, January 17, 2010


Death and heaven. Deep topics. Those are topics that have only been brushed upon with Mallory. Thankfully she isn't old enough to remember anybody in her life dying. We have talked about it briefly when she hears a name of a great grandparent and wonders who they are and where they are. Until recently, she wasn't affected by the sadness that surrounds death and dying. Her young and tender age have her at a critical age between imaginative play and the reality of the unknown. A very loving and tiny member of Brent's family died. Now if you aren't an animal owner or lover you may not understand the magnitude of sadness behind losing a pet. Teddi, a feisty and love able Shitzu poodle, went to live in heaven. As adults, we could sense the end was coming. Teddi had lived a long and very very wonderful life. She ate like a queen, slept like a queen and was doted upon like a queen. Her end came quickly and she will certainly be missed. Though sad myself, when that phone call came my heart ached for the rest of Brent's family, especially his parents.

Talking to Mallory about this delicate subject certainly didn't come without thought. I struggled with the right words to say, the right definitions, and hoped I could answer all of her questions honestly. Then I realized that this is not a rehearsed conversation. There is no hiding the fact that we are sad... So I pulled Mallory up on my lap and I told her we had to talk about some big girl stuff. "It's a sad day," I said. "You know Teddi was getting very old and had trouble seeing and hearing. Well today, Teddi died and went to heaven." Swallow.

Then I got the big round blue eyes looking right back at me saying "We can't see Teddi anymore? We won't get to pet her again? Does Ginger still live there? Did Grandpa have to go with to heaven?"

Strength. Find it. Strength.

No we only have pictures of Teddi to remember her by. You don't get to pet her again. Everyone else is healthy and alive. Ginger, Grandma and Grandpa all still live at their house.

The conversation and the questions lasted for a few more minutes. When Mikayla woke up from her nap Mallory asked if I could hold Mikayla on my lap while she talked to her. And then, like a true big sister protecting her little sister from harm, she grabbed her hand and told her the entire story. "It's a sad day Mikayla...."

And so it went, a tough lesson on life, learned. Teddi was a cute little dog that will be missed.

Rest in Peace.

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