Monday, January 4, 2010

1,461 Days Ago

1,461 days ago my life changed forever. Mallory is four years old today and I find myself not being able to believe it. Four years have never gone by faster. She grew into a little girl right before my eyes, in what seems like a flash. A blink of an eye. Nothing short of amazing this child is. A believer in all things imaginative. A constant wonder-er. A lover of all of the people in her family. A friend to all of those who give her the chance. Her smile has always lit up a room. Her laughter is incredibly contagious to us.

Happy Birthday to my sweet four year old. As my oldest daughter you hold a special place in my heart. You are such a smart and caring little girl. I am so proud to call you my daughter. Though taken aback at how fast your first four years have gone, I am so very excited to see what happens during the next four and beyond.


Cal said...

That is seriously SUCH a sweet tribute to your lovely little girl. It made me feel all mushy gushy :)

Amy said...

Happy Golden Birthday Mallory! Wow you're 4!!! Next year a whole hand...enjoy your 4th year of life! What a special day yesterday must've been!!!

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed that you added the leap year day in your addition. I am proud of you!