Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Resolutions

2009 was all about surviving. We survived the end of a year and half of living with my parents. We survived Brent's 4.5 months in Oklahoma. We survived childbirth (well really I survived, but Brent should get some credit too, as he did do a great job as an assistant coach). We survived Mikayla's first 4 months, and there were a couple of rough few months where survival was the only thing on our minds. Survival. It wasn't a resolution, it was just the thing we had to do.

I usually don't make resolutions. I guess until a few years ago I just assumed the typical resolution was to "lose weight" or "eat healthy" and frankly, in my opinion, eating healthy for an entire year is for the birds. Kristen usually comes up with some great resolutions. For example, one year she made it her New Years resolution to take more pictures. I like that one. However, I am in no need of making myself take more pictures. If anything, I should scale back a bit, but that's why digital photography is so great. Anyway, I digress...

Having survived 2009 and looking forward to enjoying 2010 I need a good resolution. With the goal of a resolution that is worth keeping I thought long and hard and kept coming back to the same idea. This year I deserve a resolution that involves taking more time for myself. Sounds selfish, right? Well, I am not talking massages, manicures and facials. I am talking clothes that flatter my mother of two body and some time at the gym that is stress free and meant just for me. It would be wishful thinking of me to assume a new wardrobe. However, I absolutely deserve adding a few pieces of needed items to my closest. The YMCA certainly won't become my most visited venue, but it will be a place where I am allowed to stop, exercise, and enjoy my own thoughts; without worrying about the kids, the laundry or whether or not the bathroom has been cleaned. I can unwind, burn some calories and maybe even enjoy the hot tub once in awhile--guilt free.

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