Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mallory 0 Big Red Barn 1

Jaime and Kendra came over for a visit and to eat dinner tonight. After dinner, Mallory wanted to hold Kendra so Jaime set her in her lap and we oogled over the top of cameras trying to get a cute picture. I then had the hair brain idea that we should get a picture with Mallory holding both Mikayla and Kendra. This, I said, would be easiest on the chair in the playroom. Mallory went bounding down the stairs to climb into the big chair. Jaime and I grabbed the babies and we followed.

Then we heard the sound. The sound that every parent dreads. The sound followed by a few long seconds of silence and then the sound of the scream and cry that you know can mean only one injury.

Mallory was so excited to get downstairs to hold both the babies that she ran and tripped and fell into her big red wooden barn. She cracked the roof of the barn she fell into it so hard. Poor thing has a good size bruise on her forehead. A bruise the exact same size as the pitch of the roof on the barn. Jaime and I got downstairs as quick as we could and I immediately put Mikayla on the ground. Mallory wanted only to be held and carried. She cried so hard. This in turn made Mikayla cry. Jaime being the super aunt she is, set Kendra down to pick up sad Mikayla, which then, of course, made Kendra cry. Jaime and I laughed as all three of the girls were crying... I lugged both Mallory and Mikayla up the stairs and tended to Mallory's head.

When it was all said and done and she was holding ice on her head watching a show I heard her say in her little sad voice "All I wanted to do was hold the babies." Tough little girl.

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