Thursday, November 12, 2009

5 Things

Kristen played this game on her blog and she tagged me to complete it as well. I can't let my BFF and fellow blog reader down so here goes...

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was in the throws of my sophomore year at River Falls. By far the best year of college. I spent tons of time deciding if I should really fall in love with a certain boy named Brent (I guess we all know how that turned out). I was loving all the classes that surrounded my major of Speech and Language Pathology. Life in Grimm Hall was so fun and we laughed so hard with the girls on our floor especially my roomie Megs and our best friend neighbors Sara and Lexie. I have never laughed so much in my life...

2. What five things are on your to-do list today?

1. After I drop Mallory off at preschool I have to go to the grocery store

2. I should really organize my closest, which needs to include unpacking my winter clothes and packing away my summer stuff

3. Snuggle and giggle with Mikayla

4. Take Mallory to swimming lessons

5. Enjoy TopChef after the girls go to bed

3. Snacks you enjoy

Hmmm There are so many to choose from. I really enjoy anything chocolate; especially cadbury mini eggs around Easter. For the salties--I enjoy nachos and chex mix

4. Places you have lived

If you know Brent and I, you know this list is long... Woodbury, River Falls, Jordan, Eagan, Prior Lake, New Prague, Woodbury (again), and then Prior Lake (again). But I think we are done for awhile :)

5. What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire

1. Continue my job as a stay at home mom, but strongly consider hiring a part time nanny :)
2. Give a whole bunch of money to a geneticist who wants to spend all of their working hours on a cure for Ataxia
3. Take Mallory to every water park in the United States
4. Travel with Brent to Hawaii and Australia leaving the kids at home with the nanny
5. Buy myself a great new wardrobe not feeling the least bit guilty about deserving it.

I am now going to Tag a few people who have blogs that I am pretty sure read this blog. Jaime, Dawn, Amy, and Amanda consider yourself TAGGED!!!

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Nicole, Peter and Gillian said...

So, I happened to pop in and see this. I have to say that that time in Grimm Hall can't POSSIBLY have been 10 years ago!