Sunday, October 18, 2009

That is why I have a blog...

Kristen was nice enough to share some free circus tickets with Mallory and I this weekend. We went to the show and then had lunch afterwards. Mallory was pretty adamant on not going near any of the clowns. She doesn't like them and you really can't blame her. I even told her that clowns were just people with funny clothes and wearing lots of makeup. To no avail, she wanted nothing to do with them.

We left the circus and headed to Arby's to get some lunch. When we got up the counter to order our food and Mallory turns to me and says, "Hey Mommy! That lady (the cashier) looks just like one of the clowns at the circus! " She was excited, not scared. She was loud, certainly not quiet. What does a parent do at that very moment? Scratch that. What does a parent do when her non-parent best friend turns her head and laughs, making it very hard for you not to laugh at the comment your 3 footer just said? Well. You finish placing your order, pay for the food and hope to God this was the one instance that somebody didn't understand the words that just came out of Mallory's mouth. I also muttered something to the effect of "Mallory, words like that are not polite..." In Mallory's defense the lady had a yellow Arby's shirt on, a terrible red hair dye job and some sort of bright lipstick. Through the eyes of a 3 year old, it all made sense to her.

Kristen took Mallory to find a table, while I, uncomfortably, waited for the food. When I got to the table Kristen said "Funniest moment of the day!"

And I said to her; "That is why I have a blog."

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