Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hedge balls

I was talking with my dad last weekend about getting rid of the spiders that we have roaming around our house. Stop the mental picture of thousands of spiders taking over the entire place, we have just enough for me to be annoyed. We also live 10 feet from the wetlands so I know the situation isn't going to get any better unless we take some sort of action. When I asked my dad what he recommended he was quick to respond "You need a Hedge ball" Ok, I thought to myself. Easy enough. He told me I could probably get them at a lawn and garden store.

Completely unaware of the conversation I had with my dad, my mother in law mentioned (after tending to Mallory's spider bite while she had a sleepover at grandmas) that we needed to get a Hedge ball to take care of the spiders. Wow. Now this product must really work because two people have recommended it. She said she thought she saw them at Rademachers (the local grocery store in Jordan).

Tuesday I set out on my hedge ball purchasing mission. I called two hardware stores, Gertens and Linders. Each time I asked for help finding a "pest control product called Hedge ball" Nobody knew what I was talking about. Seriously? Did my dad and mother in law collaborate to make me look like an idiot? How can such a great product not exist at 4 locations that should carry a wide variety of pest control products.

As my last resort I called Rademachers:

"Thank you for calling Rademachers. How can I help you?"

"Yes, you might think I am crazy, but I am looking for a product that is going to be in your (super small ,1/4 of an aisle) pest control area. It is called Hedgeball."

"Ahh (a small giggle) we do carry those. They are in our produce department. They are a little green fruit that you put in each room of your house and it takes care of the spiders. I buy a bunch each year and they work great!"

"Produce??? So they aren't made by Raid. Thanks for your help and I'll be down to be a dozen before the day is done."

The question is: Did you know what a Hedge ball was?


Sarah said...

I sure did know what a hedgeball was :) A former coworker had them scattered throughout her basement bedroom / living room. They start out very decorative and green...but that fades with time...just a tip in case you thought you'd decorate with them! Thanks for the reminder! I'll have to pick up a few for my house :)

Amanda Jean said...

Haha, yep...I knew what a hedge ball was. They sell them at Coborn's, too. DON'T EAT THEM! For the record.

wildprinces-75 said...

I have used them in my house for spiders but didn't know they were a fruit - bigger question is - if they are a fruit - why can't you eat them - seems kinda silly to have a fruit you can't eat mixed in with produce at the grocery store - with all the warning labels on every other product you'd think they would stamp do not eat on them to avoid a lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

I did know what they were. They should post a do not eat sign on them. I'm not a firm believer in them!! Good luck

Anonymous said...

Just so you guys know -- it won't work unless you put the hedgeball on a sheet of aluminum foil. I have found it be a godsend only with the foil. Otherwise without it, it doesn't work very effectively. I guess there is some kind chemical reaction with the foil for it to work.