Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The curse of 30.

Mallory was playing in the sand at the park the other day. She was filling up a bucket and chatting to herself (something she does very well, I might add).

When I asked her what she was making she said, "It's your birthday!! I'm makin' you a cake!"

"Well that is very nice. What flavor is it?" I asked.

"Chocolate. How many numbers are you? How many candles go on this cake?" She asked.

Now normally, if I was there with an adult I knew, I would spout off some funny number like 21 or 16. Being as I was by myself I decided to tell her the real number, 25. Kidding. I told her 30.

She then continues to chatter to herself "Oh, ok, tirty. Wow. That's a lot of numbers. I don't think that many candles will fit."

Thanks Mal. What will she say when she has to make me a real cake when I'm 40?

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